Limit storm damaged from surge with this removable panel system


The CITY-GATE Flood Panel System supplied for your project are flood barriers that will last for the life of your buildings if properly installed and maintained. However, there are certain things you should bear in mind concerning their proper care, storage and handling.

The Flood Panel System is deployed when an impending storm threatening the area. When it is time to install the barriers, time is of the essence and proper storage of the barriers will greatly aid in the speedy deployment and installation of the flood barriers. Flood Panel System requires very little annual maintenance, mostly to replace foam gaskets and seals, but requires professional supervision and inspection to insure they´re ready for deployment.

Inspection and Maintenance Plan
Every flood proofing design requires some degree of periodic maintenance and inspection to ensure that all components will operate properly under flood conditions. The necessary inspection and maintenance activities, including inspection intervals and repair requirements, must be described in the Inspection and Maintenance Plan.

Components that should be inspected as part of an annual (as a minimum) maintenance and inspection program include the following:

  1. Flood shields, barriers, panels, and closures, to ensure that they fit properly and that the gaskets and seals are in good working order, properly labeled, and stored as indicated in the Flood Emergency Operation Plan.
  2. Walls and wall penetrations, for cracks and potential leaks.
  3. Levees and berms, for excessive vegetative growth, cracks, or leaks.
  4. Mechanical equipment such as sump pumps and generators. 

Both the Flood Emergency Operation Plan and the Inspection and Maintenance Plan are necessary at the time that the Non-Residential Flood proofing Certificate is submitted to the community. Before issuing a building permit, the community should require that the property owner sign an agreement stating that the plan will be adhered to.

The community should also be assured that the inspection and maintenance activities required by the plan will continue regardless of changes in the ownership of the flood proofed building. This assurance should be accomplished by appropriate deed restrictions. Any lease agreement should also contain clear language stating the leaseholder´s responsibilities for the flood proofed building.


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