Garage Door Motors Repair & Install Service

Besides protecting your home from burglaries, a strong door shields your valuables against bad weather. Some homeowners also remodel their garages into entertainment theaters or wet bars. In that case, you wouldn’t take chances with a malfunctioned garage door.
At City Gates, we offer the best garage door motors maintenance services in NJ. We also repair doors in the greater CT, The Bronx, and Brooklyn. We have a team of resourceful experts to help you select the proper replacements in New York Citys Five Boroughs: Manhattan. We only recommend a full door replacement if all the materials are beyond repair.

When Do You Know That You Need a New Garage?

Even the most robust materials give in to the test of time and bad weather. Also, note that upgrading your basement door can increase the property’s value. A new entry will be an attractive feature for many buyers. Thus, our unique maintenance job can also help you resale your home quickly. Watch out for these signs to determine if you need a garage entryway restoration or replacement:

Sagging Door

Your door may begin to sag due to moisture and excess UV light exposure, affecting the wooden structure. Sagging doors may downplay your property’s aesthetic appeal. We do high-quality repair jobs to restore your sagging door.

Outdated Design

Sometimes, you just want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. This is especially when you want to do a property valuation or sale. We have access to reputable suppliers with modern garage door designs. Our experts will help you with the selection process.

Endless Maintenance without Improvement

While proper maintenance can enhance the longevity of your door materials, constant repairs signal a worn-out door that requires immediate replacement. Call us today to fix a new entry on your garage that will last for up to three decades.

After Bad Weather

After the winter snow and ice thaws, it is wise to install new weather stripping to seal any gaps on the garage door. Our door insulation solutions will enhance the room’s comfort throughout all seasons. Most importantly, it helps lower energy bills.

Our Basement Door Maintenance Solutions

If your door doesn’t open or close properly, you would want to replace all the obsolete parts. City Gates has years of experience fixing all garage entryways in the New York Citys Five Boroughs: Manhattan. We offer a range of restoration solutions at affordable rates, including:

Torsion Springs Adjustment or Replacement

Your garage entryway may feel heavy or off-balance if the springs exhaust their lifespan. You would want to contact our experts for same-day spring replacement. Ignoring this damage can be dangerous if the spring snaps without a warning if handled carelessly.


You can replace the opener of your garage door without paying for all new materials installation. We offer modern, Wi-Fi-enabled openers that work well even with older, high-quality door designs. We do high-quality upgrades that guarantee smoother and quieter door operation.

Garage Door Realigning

The entryway to your garage may be off the track due to worn-out or loose hardware. This can be a great hindrance for automatic rolling gate applications. That means you’ll have to open and close the door manually. Reach out to our experts for same-day hardware tightening to fix off-track doorways. We also do a professional inspection to determine whether the track needs maintenance.

Garage Door Maintenance

You can also reach out to City Gates experts to schedule maintenance for your door. Our ongoing maintenance solutions will ensure your door hardware lasts longer to realize your investment value. Most importantly, we ensure that the entryway is operational at all times. High-quality maintenance will save you from unnecessary replacement costs.
All our garage door repair solutions in the greater NJ and CT come with a free quote before we do the job. We give free quotes because we believe in fair and affordable rates. After all, we only want you to pay for the hard manual work, not the paperwork. Click to connect with our team in Brooklyn, Long Island as well as Staten Island. Call us at 718 -939-9700 for emergencies.