Commercial Coiling Grilles Installation & Repair ServiceCommercial Coiling Grilles Installation & Repair Service

If you want maximum security in your business premises, commercial coiling grilles are a great way of enhancing that. High-quality commercial coiling grills have multiple business applications, including industrial and retail. Even so, you only have a good experience if you install this hardware properly. Poor installation jobs won’t only jeopardize your security but also downplay your building’s aesthetic appeal. City Gates USA is a trusted provider of Commercial Coiling Grilles Installation & Repair Service.



City Gates is the most trusted company for commercial coiling grilles around New York City’s five boroughs. We also serve residents and business owners of The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Long Island. We install quality, overhead security structures that require hassle-free maintenance to give back your investment value. The best part? We don’t charge exorbitant rates for our jobs. We believe in integrity and fair pricing.

Our Commercial Coiling Solutions

Thanks to decades of combined industry experience, we have a reliable team that offers nearly all jobs you can think of to improve your solid door. We leverage modern, noiseless tools safe for our workers and any other employee in the building. You can contact us for:

• Upward Security Coiling

If you’re running a retail business at the heart of a busy town, you would want a door that protects you from the bad guys but still attract customers from far. We can help you get the best upward security coiling. There are three models, and the most suitable option depends on your needs.

• Full-Enclosure (Open Air) Security Grilles

Sometimes, you want maximum air and light to penetrate your property for hygienic purposes. Open-air security grilles can also lower your costs for air conditioning if appropriately fixed. We do the residential and commercial fixing for these projects—they are ideal in the lobby and around the porch area. We also offer different designs and models for varying aesthetic preferences.

• Side-Folding Structures

Side-folding structures are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. We can fix them in your home to protect the property from burglary and debris damage. When it comes to commercial applications, we set these structures in shopping malls, retail stores, and even private airport enclosures.

• Advanced Performance Coiling

This design is ideal for high-security industrial applications. We can fix advanced performance coiling in your business premises, especially if you run a long-term storage facility. Even though this design may cost you a few more bucks than standard designs, it can deter violent invasion and burglaries. Engage us today to see your options.

Why Call Us for Your Security Commercial Coiling Needs?

At City Gates, we don’t take chances if a customer trusts us to fix their solid doors. We do the work with diligence, commitment, and precision. Many customers in the greater CT region and its environs trust us to fix their door because we guarantee:

• 100% Customer Satisfaction

In everything we do, we uphold to guarantee our clients 100% customer satisfaction. Every process starts with a free quote and unlimited consultation with our experts. We love to hear your side of the story before commencing the job.

• Same-Day Job

Forget about companies that take ages to respond or get the job done. We understand how hard you work and would want the same spirit in every renovation project. If you contact us in the morning, we promise to get the job done as soon as evening. Sometimes, we even finish earlier, depending on the scope of work.

• Immediate Emergency Response

We believe that you need us more for emergency response, especially it’s late in the night—our team works in shifts to ensure that we have standby personnel for emergency responses. Depending on the time of the day, it takes us at most an hour to arrive at your location.

• Professionalism

We train and equip our team at all times to ensure they demonstrate the professional industry standards every time they show up at your residential or business property. Everyone wears an official badge and work gear for easy identification. Also, we do regular drug tests and background checks when selecting the members of our technical team.

Call Us Today for Commercial Coiling Grilles Installation & Repair Service!

The magic number to dial is (718)939-9700, and help will be on your way sooner than you expect it. Count on us to meet all your standards and preferences for commercial & residential doors.