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When it comes to finding top-quality perforated and ventilated rolling doors, City Gates USA stands unmatched. Whether you’re enhancing your shop front, securing a parking garage, or improving ventilation in industrial settings, our doors offer both security and functionality. Serving New York City’s Five Boroughs—Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx—as well as Long Island, NJ, and CT, we ensure a flawless experience with every installation.
Our doors are tailored to meet your specific needs, combining robust security with effective ventilation, ideal for maintaining air flow and visibility while ensuring safety. With a history of satisfied customers and a reputation for excellence, choose City Gates USA for affordable solutions without compromising on quality. Ready to upgrade with the best? Call us at (718) 939-9700 today!

Why Choose Perforated and Ventilated Rolling Doors?

Perforated and ventilated rolling doors are an excellent choice for businesses that require both security and ventilation. These doors are crafted to allow air circulation and light penetration without sacrificing the integrity and security of the premises. Perfect for underground parking lots, warehouses, and retail spaces, these doors help maintain a comfortable and safe environment.

Our Services

Custom Design and Integration

Our team collaborates with you to design perforated and ventilated rolling doors that not only meet your specific operational needs but also complement the architectural aesthetics of your building. We consider all aspects from the pattern of perforations to the overall design and operational mechanics.

High-Quality Manufacturing

Manufactured in our advanced facilities, each door is constructed from durable materials designed to withstand daily use and environmental factors. Our doors are built to exact specifications with attention to detail, ensuring they meet all safety and quality standards.

Expert Installation

Proper installation is crucial for the functionality of perforated and ventilated rolling doors. Our certified installers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure that each installation is executed flawlessly, providing optimal performance and durability.

Maintenance and Support

We provide comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your doors remain in peak condition, functioning effectively and safely year-round. Our support includes regular check-ups, cleaning, and necessary adjustments as part of our commitment to your satisfaction.
At City Gates USA, our focus on delivering high-quality products and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Our competitive pricing, coupled with a commitment to local service in the NYC, NJ, and CT areas, ensures that our perforated and ventilated rolling doors are the best option for your needs. Don’t hesitate—contact us at (718) 939-9700 for a free consultation and see why our customers consistently rate us with five stars!

Why City Gates USA?

Frequently Asked Questions

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A1: We offer a variety of customization options, including different materials, perforation patterns, and colors to ensure the door fits your specific requirements.
A2: While providing ventilation and visibility, our perforated doors are constructed with strong materials and locks, ensuring they remain secure against unauthorized entry.
A3: Ventilated doors help improve air quality, reduce condensation, and maintain comfortable temperatures, making them ideal for various environments, especially those requiring frequent air exchange.
A4: For a detailed quote, simply call us at (718) 939-9700 or visit our website to submit your project details. Our team will respond promptly to provide a comprehensive estimate and answer any additional questions.