Commercial Door Hardware Installation and Repair Service

Do you have a noisy commercial door that scares away potential long-term customers? We have the answers to your solid door hardware needs. Whether you want a simple installation, repair, or even replacement, we have your back. We understand how critical it is to maintain an excellent first-time impression for your customers. That’s why we are available at any time, seven days a week, to ensure your business premise maintains its aesthetic appeal.

City Gates is a one-stop company for all your commercial door material needs. We bring together decades of experience to help customers in New York City’s five boroughs and its environs. We can also access Long Island, State Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx. At City-Gates USA we guarantee a top-rated job that will leave you a happy customer. Call us today at (718)939-9700.

Our Commercial Door Hardware Service

When it comes to high-quality door materials, homeowners and business owners have quite a ton of options. The design and model you pick depends on budget, the intended purpose, and even aesthetic preferences. Whichever your options are, we have a team that meets your standards and expectation threshold. You can count on us to repair or replace:

Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors can help you salvage valuable assets and evacuate everyone from the building in case of accidental fire outbreaks. These doors must always remain functional to avoid putting the lives of your workers at risk. Our maintenance schedule ensures that you have a fully functional fire-rated door throughout the year.


Whether you want to fix jamming or broken locks, give us a call today. We respond in time to ensure that you regain access to your commercial building as soon as possible. Also, you would want us to do a professional lock inspection after attempted burglary or invasion.


There are two types of frames you can choose for your commercial entryway. It can be wooden or metal frames. We have the resources and expertise to fix and tighten door frames. It only takes one call, and we’ll fix that squeaking noise.

Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is not only ideal in residential home applications. You also want to protect your business assets from weather damage. Most importantly, you want to experience reasonable energy bills on air conditioning. City Gates has all the answers to your commercial door weather stripping needs.


Galvanization is necessary if you want to improve the longevity of your commercial entryway materials, especially with underlying metal structures. We do both aluminized and iron galvanization, depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Trust Us to Fix Your Commercial Entryway

All the positive reviews we receive come from happy and satisfied customers. They trust us to fix their commercial entryways, and we do the job with diligence and satisfaction. Suppose you feel like we didn’t match your aesthetic needs; our 100% customer satisfaction policy has your back. We will send the team back to fix anything that looks odd. Nevertheless, we uphold to maintain quality consistency, and you may not even need us to revisit your premises.

Engage Us Today

You can call our team at (718)939-9700 for same-day attention. Our average response rate, depending on the time of the day, is thirty minutes. For calls, answer immediately. You can also click to connect with us.


Professional Job

We have a technical team that undergoes rigorous training and drug tests. That way, we only retain members who uphold high professional standards. Our technicians ride in company-branded vans and will always put on their identification tags.

High-Quality Materials

We can help you source high-quality door materials from both local and nationwide suppliers. We want to fix a sturdy door that withstands the test of time and bad weather. The advantage of leveraging multiple suppliers is that you can get relatively affordable rates.

A Free Quote

Our team will give you a free quote for the entire project even before arriving at your location. Out quotes are accurate and don’t change once we notice you’re a high-net-worth individual. At City Gates, we don’t play games with our clients. We charge what is right and fair, regardless of your financial power.

Under-One-Roof Projects

It doesn’t sound prudent to juggle different companies for your commercial entryway needs. We have all the resources to handle any project you decide to assign to us. This saves you time and resources. Moreover, you can always enjoy discounts for ongoing, long-term projects.