Ironwork Services

Many reasons could prompt you to resort to wrought iron work in fences and security grilles. We install grilles around glass structures for additional security and discrete observation. This can be in your residential or commercial premises. Iron work installations are also durable and last for ages with hassle-free maintenance. Call us today to install the best iron fence in your home to enhance the property’s value and aesthetic appeal.

We are your go-to company for all residential iron work applications in Brooklyn, as well as NJ and CT. We respond to emergencies in the New York Citys Five Boroughs: Manhattan and its environs.

All our services come with a free quote and 100% customer satisfaction. We have a team of specialized personnel in iron fabrication, maintenance and installation services.

Iron Work in Long Island

When working with customers around Staten Island, we offer the best solutions that value every dollar they spend in upgrading their fence and gates. We do all types of home welding and installation projects, including:

  • Fire Escapes
  • Security Fences
  • Window Grills
  • Structural Reinforcement
  •  Railings and Stairwells

Iron work projects can be very demanding, depending on the scope of the work and the type of fabrication you prefer. We work with you right from the start to the end to ensure the job is as smooth as possible. Contact us for the above iron work solutions and more. 


Why Should You Work with City Gates for Ironwork Services?

It takes a lot of research and sometimes direct references by word of mouth to get the best company on your residential or commercial premises. Regardless of where you learned about us or working with us for the first time, our quality consistency doesn’t change. You can always count on us to match your standards and aesthetic preferences. The advantages of working with City Gates include:

Trusted Employees

We do regular drug tests and background checks before adding anyone to our iron work team. This ensures that you only deal with trusted individuals who don’t pose any threat or harm to your loved ones. We are proud to have never experienced any indiscipline cases at work.

Reliable Customer Care

Out technical support goes beyond the first job. You can count on our customer care team to pick your calls when you need us the most. Also, we call you from time to time to see how your projects are fairing. We uphold to develop a strong customer relationship with you to improve your experience every time you visit us in your home.

Professionalism and Commitment

We are a professional company with decades of experience in serving residents of Staten Island. We only hire people who meet strict standards and qualifications. Most importantly, we do ongoing in-house training to ensure our staff understands the professional standards you expect from them.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Don’t you want to work with a company that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on all iron work projects? Besides our timely completion, you’ll love the quality of work. We go that extra mile to include all the finer details you want on your iron work fence.

Free Quote

We give a free quote for all the jobs in Queens, as well as Staten Island. The free quote allows you to plan your budget and have the job completed as soon as possible. Remember, you don’t need to stall the project while we are here to give it our commitment around the clock, seven days a week.

We Are Available When You Need Us for Ironwork Services!

Maintaining and installing iron work structures is our calling, and we do the job with commitment and dedication. The best part? Our emergency team responds in about 30 minutes if you call us to restore your iron work fence in Queens. We also understand how frustrating it can be to juggle different iron work service providers. That’s why we offer all iron work maintenance under one roof. Call our team at 718 -939-9700 to get started in three steps. You can also connect with our live customer agents by clicking