Rolling Steel Solid Door Installation & Maintenance Service

Rolling steel doors are a go-to option for business owners who want to safeguard their premises from burglary and weather. High-quality rolling doors will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business. Even when closed, customers still want to see that they are dealing with a company that doesn’t take chances with security. Remember, rolling doors are practically impenetrable unless the burglars use heavy machinery to bring them down. Looking for a Rolling Steel Solid Door Installation & Maintenance Service? You’re in good hands with us!

Rolling Steel Solid Door Installation & Maintenance Service


Whether you’re in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or anywhere around New York City’s five boroughs, our professionals will arrive at your location in no time. We believe in a timely response, especially for an emergency, to restore normal business operations as soon as possible. We also extend our functions to business and residential homeowners in Long Island and Staten Island.

Our Rolling Steel Door Services

City Gates is a reputable company you can trust to handle all your rolling doors needs. While we may not be a perfect team, the results of our work are near-perfect. You can call us for a wide range of custom rolling steel door jobs, including:

• Commercial Installation

Commercial rolling steel doors must be sturdy to protect your valuables. They must also have appealing aesthetics to attract customers from far. Whichever reason you have for installing rolling steel doors in your commercial premise, we do a job that enhances that.

• Residential Applications

Forget about mixing service providers for your rolling doors. We offer all services under one roof to save you money and resources. After fixing your commercial door, we can head straight to your home to attend to the garage. Even better, we guarantee all these on the same day of contacting us.

• Maintenance and Replacement

Malfunctioned rolling steel doors could mean many dangers to your business. Besides posing a significant security threat, bad weather can damage your property and valuables. Talk to the best experts in town today to determine whether your old rolling door requires restoration or replacement. We uphold to give you honest advice to save you from more unnecessary expenses.

Why Should You have Rolling Steel Doors in Your Business Premises?

Small businesses in the US have two options when it comes to industrial doors. You can either go for a section of rolling steel doors. Each style is ideal in different circumstances and also depending on your budget. However, custom rolling steel doors tend to win the hearts of many business owners because of the following benefits:

• Hassle-Free Maintenance

Unlike section doors, rolling steel doors don’t have many spaces and movable parts. This minimizes the chances of debris accumulation to give you a quieter and smooth door operation. That said, these doors don’t require any maintenance needs. Moreover, they are easy to restore when the time comes and will just cost you a few bucks.

• Multiple Finishing Designs

Achieving great aesthetic appeals is the dream of any business owner. Remember, you can still install these doors in your residential garage to increase the property’s value. We offer a wide range of finishing for rolling steel doors. You only need to disclose your intended budget and aesthetic preferences, and our team will be on it.

• Many Service Providers

When running a business, you want to use prevalent materials available within your locality. In that case, you don’t have to close your business for days waiting for a new door to ship. There are many service providers for rolling steel door replacement and installation. We just happen to be the best of all.

• Maximum Protection

As notes, rolling steel doors are nigh impossible to penetrate without triggering the alarm. It will require a lot of time and sophisticated tools before burglars reach your valuable items. We can help you install a high-quality design with study material construction built for longevity. We are available throughout the week to take your custom orders.

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It is good to engage a company that doesn’t charge you for consultation. After all, billing is just a tiny part of the job. Our experts will give you a free quote detailing all the expenses needed to get the job done. Click and fill our online booking form. You can also call us at (718)939-9700 for same-day response and installation.