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Window Guards Installation And Repair

The Amazing Facts About window Guards Installation And Repair In NYC

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Knowing About Window Guards Installation and Repair Can Add to the Safety and Protection of Your Home

Windows, especially in high rise buildings, are unsafe for a home that has children and pets in it. They have been known to fall out for them and lose their lives or get horribly injured. You can prevent these accidents if you gather all the knowledge you need for window guards installation and repair.

Most windows will have screens but these are mainly meant for preventing insects from getting into a home. They cannot prevent the sort of accidents that we have referred to earlier. Window guards also give an additional element of protection to a home, from burglars and other instances of theft. Most window guards are made from metal, steel or aluminum and will be fixed to the window or the soffits around it. They will have openings that should be as small as possible and you must ensure that the guards you choose for installation have no gaps larger than 4 inches, as this width is enough to prevent children or pets from getting through, and also anyone from outside getting in.

Before you get involved in window guards installation and repair for your home, you must note the exact dimensions of your window opening and the surface to which you will fix these window guards. You will also need to decide whether you want the guards on the inside or outside of your windows. Windows shutters that open to the outside, will be better served with window guards on the inside of your home. Sliding windows can have guards on either the inside or outside depending on your preference. Guards can be fixed to window frames if they are wooden or may need to be fixed to walls with anchor or holdfasts. Any fixing arrangement that you use must be such as to have proper strength and prevent them from being easily removed.

The design of the window guard is what must next be decided. These can be in the form of just bars, regularly spaced, keeping the restriction of 4-inch space in mind, or even be converted into ornamental grills that can add to the decor and elegance of the home. If you are fixing window guards to all windows in the home, you will need to make some of them or at least one of them, is of the operable type, so that they provide an exit in cases of fires or other emergencies. You can always make all the guards on each window operable, but the locking system for this must be tamper proof and something that can only be opened by people you trust. As a matter of additional protection, you can link all these operable window guards to alarm systems by fitting the right sensors to them.

In many cities window guards installation and repair have to follow building codes and you will do well to acquaint yourself with them before you start laying out good money for the window guards of your home. Of course, the manufacturers of these guards will have already done so, but such knowledge can always come in handy both for the installation and the repair, in case you ever need it. Local fire departments can be another source for information. You can also create your own custom design for these guards, but make sure these designs take into account the relevant building codes. You can fashion these widow guards so that they can function as support for pots and plants that you can place outside your window. Make sure that these do not become an impediment, if you have to leave the home through the window in an emergency, like a fire.

Get professionals to do the necessary installation if you do not feel competent to do this yourself. Where the guards are operable or have locks, make sure that you test they working easily and smoothly before you sign off on the installation. It is also important that you teach other members of the family, including older children, how to open these emergency exits. It is also important that at regular intervals you test these operable window guards and also all other window guards so that you can get then repaired in case you feel any need for such attention. They must always remain firmly fixed so that they cannot be prides open from any loose fitting.

Window guards can be made of various artistic designs and can even be well painted or given permanent coatings so that they remain well protected from sun and rain and possible rust. If you have had them painted, you may need to have them repainted once every three or four years, so that they continue to look elegant. In many apartment homes, homeowner associations may ask you to fit standard window guards that conform with all the other widow guards in the apartment block. You can make some minor changes to locks and alarms, but the overall appearance will have to fit in with whatever has been prescribed by them.

You can also have window guards in the form of wrought iron window bars that come in a wide variety of shapes and styles that can even create their own decor. These are more affordable than the grill type of window guards and can fit into any budget. They must be properly installed so that they provide all the required protection and safety. You can also install collapsible grills as window guards, as these are easier to open when you want or close and lock when you so desire.

Proper installation of window guards or bars can allow you to qualify for a rebate on your home insurance and this can go some way to meeting the additional costs that such window guards installation and repair would ordinarily entail. Insurance companies will give you such rebates if they are satisfied with the element of protection that these guards provide, and will do so in greater measure if these guards are also linked to alarm systems.

Look at widow guards as added protection and safety and do not grudge the expense when you install them in your home.

window Guards Installation And Repair
window Guards Installation And Repair
window Guards Installation And Repair
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