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The Best Way to Install Wall Panels

Adding a sheet paneling to your home can enhance its existing beauty. However, you need to understand how to add sheet paneling to your walls correctly. The addition of wall panels is not an ordeal, and you can quickly undertake this task by yourself. Here are some essential steps to get you started with sheet paneling.

  • Before doing anything, you will need to prepare the wall for wall panels. If your wall is new, you do not need any plaster for wallboard paper to attach these wall panels. On the other hand, if your wall is old, you will have to attach furring strips before adding the commissions. You can fasten the strips to your walls with nails or screws. Therefore, get your fence ready for sheet paneling before starting the process.
  • Measure your wall from the ceiling to the floor and cut the different sheets a quarter-inch shorter than the distance. Therefore, you will find enough space to adjust these panels later on.
  • Now, lay down the wall panels on the floor and apply a powerful adhesive to the framing. Also, use nails on the top edge of the panel. In general, it is recommended to leave a quarter-inch space at the bottom and top.
  • It would be best if you got somebody to help you out with the paneling process. Start by applying the first panel from the left side of the room in the bottom row. Make sure to check the inside of this panel with the laser level to make sure it is plumb.
  • Now, firmly press the panel against the wall. The adhesive glue should hold the panel in place while you drive nails through the panel. You should use one pin at each end of the panel.
  • Once you have done the entire row, you should wait for the glue to dry up before moving on to the next row. This way, you will have enough time to make any modifications or adjustments for the next row.

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