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Staircase Installation And Repair Near Me

The Amazing Facts About Staircase Installation And Repair Near Me

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Choose The Best Staircase Installation And Repair Near Me 

Whether it is for an industrial structure, an apartment, an office building, a school, an apartment or your home in New York, you’ll want to have a staircase that not only serves its purpose but also combines safety and functionality. After aside from providing safe access to upper levels of a building, a custom staircase can also add style to a structure. It’s not every day you get to shop for a new staircase, but when looking for a staircase for your building, you should consider getting a custom steel staircase and stair rails.

So, why should you pick steel staircases? Installing a steel staircase can provide you with a myriad of advantages that surpass those of wooden and concrete stairs. Before you start your search for staircase installation and repair near me, take a pause and look at some of the primary benefits of a steel staircase:

Ease Of Installation, Few repairs & Low Maintenance

Structural steel is quite flexible which means that the staircase and rails can be easily constructed and installed. Moreover, while repairs are rare, they are pretty straightforward and do not take long to complete. Another benefit of a custom steel staircase is that maintenance is usually a walk in the park. They are more maintenance friendly since they don’t stain, bend or warp. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the structural integrity of the staircase deteriorating due to lack of maintenance.

Customization Design & Style

Again, steel is very versatile which opens up property owners to a myriad of design and style options as compared to its concrete and wood counterparts. Steel rails and staircases can be cut and welded into any design. Installing a custom steel staircase is able to provide your building with creative flexibility and a modern look. Moreover, they can be used together with glass, timber or concrete to create unique designs and styles. Therefore, whether you want an industrial look or a cozy and elegant look, steel staircases and rails should be your best option. You can have a steel staircase and railings customized to fit in any space and suit your personal tastes and preferences.

Strong, Safe & Durable

A steel staircase is sturdy and built to last. Now and then there are grim stories of people narrowly surviving dramatic falls due to stairs collapsing. Regardless of the location, a staircase needs to be strong enough to support the required weight, and the rails should ensure the user’s safety. Steel staircases and railings is sturdy enough to hold up even under extreme conditions such as excessive weight and natural calamities. Besides, steel doesn’t corrode, expand or rot. In addition, steel is not affected by pests.


When you are looking for a steel staircase installation and repair near me, you obviously want to get the best without having to spend every penny you have. With custom steel staircases and rails, you get quick and easy installation, few repairs, low maintenance and durability which lead to reduced costs. A steel staircase is an excellent value for your money plus steel is relatively cheaper as compared to wood and concrete stairs.

Eco-Friendly option

Are you concerned about the environment? Of course, you are; steel is not only recyclable but it also long-lasting. By choosing steel staircases and rails, not only are you increasing safety but you’re also contributing to the eco-friendly campaign.

What To Look For When Looking For Staircase Installation And Repair Near Me

When you want a custom steel staircase installed, repaired or maintained in your building in New York, you want to work with a reliable company. Here are a few primary considerations to help you choose a reliable company:


Always consider the company’s experience when looking for a steel staircase installation and repair services. An experienced company will have likely dealt with projects similar to yours and is therefore in a better position to deliver quality services.

Quality Of Services & Reputation

Make sure to read reviews and testimonials to find out about the quality of services a company offers. Are clients recommending the company or complaining about the company’s workmanship and customer service? Also, research to find out whether the company’s steel staircase installations are OSHA compliant.


It is essential that you work alongside experts. Professionals will not only ensure proper installation of the steel staircase and rails but will also be courteous, friendly and respectful. Always pick a company whose technicians are adequately trained and are easy to communicate with; you’ll want to hire technicians you can easily talk to and are also willing to go out of their way to provide top-notch services.

Why You Should Work With Us

Custom steel staircases and rails are suitable for both residential and commercial use. At City-Gates we have the experience and expertise to design to design a steel staircase to your exact specifications. Our team of designers will work to produce detailed and accurate designs for your steel staircase and rails. If you love the design or have your own design in mind, it will be issued for manufacture. Our professional technicians will then work on the immediate installation of the staircase and rails to provide safe access to other levels in your building. At City-Gates you get a quick installation of durable custom steel staircases and railings for all types of building structures.

Often, people consider a staircase as merely a way of accessing different floors. However, at City-Gate we go above and beyond this simple idea and aim to turn staircases into safe and functional artworks. Why settle for sub-standard when you can choose the design and style for your staircase? You can pick a style that brings out your personality, allows you to save money, space and also combines different designs. Get to combine your unique style with the creativity of our designers and craftsmanship of our technicians and discover the endless and exciting possibilities of a steel staircase.

Still have questions about custom steel staircases and how to find staircase installation and repair near me ? Our team of custom steel stairs specialists are here to help; give us a call.

Staircase Installation And Repair Near Me
Staircase Installation And Repair Near Me
Staircase Installation And Repair Near Me
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