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Model CGFD300EZ

Retrofit An Existing Fire Rated door with our UL Classified CGFD300EZ Fire Door System.

City-Gates can design and fabricate our CGFD300EZ UL Classified Coiling Door with an Automatic Wall Mount Reset System UL File No. Upon Request-


The simple compact design allows for dependable closing
The internal governor will allow uniform and slow decent 
The CGFD300EZ System can be reset in a few minutes by the customers employee.

Existing UL Classified fire rated coiling doors can be retrofitted with the state of the art technology from City-Gates. We can retrofit older fire doors and reset them easily with this new CGFD300EZ Fire Door System. Our system is Underwriters Laboratory Classified and is intended for installation on most makes and models of existing fire rated doors. The CGFD300EZ System eliminates the awkward and unreliable spring tension release mechanisms and replaces the traditional operating and governor fire rated systems. The CGFD300EZ Fire Door System provide for automatic closing without a loss of spring tension and eliminates the need for traditional mechanical reset.

The CGFD300EZ Fire Door System operator kit includes a fusible link activated internal release and built in governor to provide automatic closing without a loss of spring tension. The process to retrofit and old governor fire system is a simple process. The door does not need to be removed. The door stays in place and access to each end of the coil is required. The old tension system is disabled. The old operating and mechanical governor system is removed. The new CGFD300EZ Fire Door System retrofit operator is installed. Its that simple!

Once the new CGFD300EZ Fire Door System is installed doors can be tested and reset easily. The process requires you to reconnect the fusible link and return the door to the open position.

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