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Locking Devices

Maxi Armor Red Guard

Model G.W.D. 13B-60L

Model G.W.D. 13G-60L

Rectangle Haspin Lock

for number 70 lock

Model M17-70L

Extra Strong

Heavy Duty Haspin

Model G.W.D./R.D.L. 15-2L

Tubular Bell Lock

with Eye Bolts

Model G.W.D. 90-L

Armor Plated Cylinder

Lock for Bottom Rails

Model G.W.D. 9 Single

Model G.W.D. 5-5 Double

L & R Cylinder Lock

Model G.W.D. 8 C.L.R.

2-Way Dead Bolt

Cylinder Lock

Model G.W.D. 8 D.B.L.

Maximum Security Screw

Type Floor Lock

for 70mm locks

Model G.W.D. 3-70L

Super 2-Eye Bolt

Floor Lock

Model G.W.D. 2-Eye-90L

Emergency Exit Locking Device This special locking device is used for emergency exits only. Features a cylinder lock on one side (usually outside) and a thumb turn on the other side (usually inside).

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