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All Motors feature Manual Override, UL Ratings, Optional Control Stations.

Motors for Swing Gates

All types of motors for swing gates, single or double leaf


CG Central for use on doors up to 150 square feet. The motor is mounted directly to the spring system and is concealed inside the hood of the rolling steel door.


  • 115V, 60Hz, single phase .U.L. recognized
  • Thermal protection
  • Maximum continuous running time 5 minutes. Light duty cycle (6 cycles/hr)
  • 2-3/8″ fixed central shaft, adapters for smaller diameters
  • Limit switch capacity of 11 revolutions

CG2000K motors can lift up to 4000 pounds without the use of a counter balanced spring system.

CG2000 Tube motors are to be used where space is limited.

TUBULAR MOTOR. The concept of the tubular operator consists of placing the motor inside the pipe shaft. Virtually no side room is required to motorize most grilles. The operator is fixed to the tube by means of adapters, which fit the inner diameter exactly. The head side then is fixed to the side bracket and provides the “holding” and supporting action. Limit switches and brakes are standard features for the operator. Remote control, (key) switches, safety edges, interlocks, etc. can easily be connected via control interface.

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