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Side Folding Grilles


General – Furnish sliding grille by CITY-GATES USA preparation of opening. Structural support for track, pockets, and miscellaneous finish work are excluded.


Curtain – “Guardian” design shall have extruded aluminum hinge panels top and bottom with eyeleted horizontal aluminum links spaced 12” apart by tubular aluminum spacers at each hanger rod. Continuous vertical aluminum 5/16” diameter rods shall be at 1-3/8” on center with clear space between rods of 1-1/16”. Curtain shall hang from top track by nylon ball bearing roller assembly at each hanger rod.

Optional Designs –

  1. “Econo Guard” design shall have continuous vertical aluminum 5/16” diameter rods 2-3/4” on center with clear space between rods of 2-7/16”.
  2. “Panel Guard” design shall have staggered 2-3/4 wide x9” (Model 99), 6” (Model 66), or 3” (Model 33) high extruded aluminum panels in lieu of horizontal aluminum links.

Vertical Posts – Curtain shall be attached to 2-3/4” x 1-7/6” aluminum extrusions consisting of a leading edge closing to wall strike and a trailing edge acting as the pocket closure. Intermediate mullions shall be provided when curtain exceeds 10’0”. Each post shall bee equipped with nylon ball bearing roller assembly at top.

Locking – Leading edge shall be provided with cylinder operated lock operable inside and outside. All intermediate mullions shall be provided with concealed cylinder operated drop bolts operable from inside. Dust proof floor receptacle shall be provided for drop bolds.

Track – Overhead track shall be extruded aluminum 1-3/4” wide x 1-1/2” high with grooves for alignment pins where track is spliced. Curved track, when required shall have 12” radius with 90”, 60”, 25” and 30” curves available.

Finish – Curtain shall be mill finish. Vertical posts, hinge panels, and optional panel design shall be clear anodized. Track and wall strike shall be clear anodized or bronze acrylic enamel.



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