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Ornamental Grilles – Eurogrille


This European grille is desinged for high end retail storefronts that want to add beauty and security


Security grille controls access at both interior and exterior openings. Applications include malls, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Note: This section includes commercial and institutional overhead rolling grilles often used to separate public from private premises. Check chart for model numbers. Often specified options appear in parentheses ( ).


1.01 Furnish and install Model(s)- EURO GRILLE as manufactured by City-Gates.

1.02 Opening preparation, access panels, finish or field painting, electrical wiring, wire, conduit, fuses and disconnect switches are in the Scope of Work of other divisions or trades.


2.01 Materials 
A. Grille curtain conforming to the following:

  1. Connecting Rings are .14 gauge x 3/4″ electro galvanized. Horizontal Tubes 1/2 OD by .18 gauge electro galvanized steel.
  2. Bottom bar to be heavy duty aluminum, reinforced with 3″ x 2″ x 3/16″ aluminum angles for widths over 27′ -4″.

B. The bottom bar will be 6 x 2 roll formed 14 gauge galvanized steel to match curtain. Optional heavy duty aluminum extruded tube or double angle aluminum.

C. Counterbalance Shaft Assembly shall consist of steel pipe capable of supporting curtain load with maximum deflection of 0.03″ per foot of width and helical torsion spring assembly designed for proper balance of grille to insure that effort to operate grille will not exceed 35 pounds. Ball or roller bearings to be furnished at rotating support points. Provide wheel for applying spring torque and for future adjustment. Band springs for smaller doors.

D. Brackets shall be steel plate not less than 3/16″ thick with ball or roller bearings at rotating support points, bolted to guide assembly extension; support counter-balance assembly and forms end closures.

E. Hood to be omitted unless required (24 gauge galvanized steel) (0.4″ aluminum) (#24 gauge stainless steel). (Provide supports as required to prevent excessive sag.)

F. Operation shall be push-up, OR chain hoist, OR motor operation

  1. For grilles up to 24′ -0″ wide and 14′ -4″ high, Model H listed motor operator includes motor, reducer, controller, limit switch, Motor Mounted Interlock overload device, roller chain drive and floor level disconnect for emergency push-up operation. Controller and push-button station or key switch are in NEMA 1 enclosures.
  2. For grilles up to 37′ -4″ wide and 14′ -4″ high Model MO motor operator includes an open drip-proof motor removable without affecting emergency operation or setting of limit switches, heavy duty magnetic controller, rotary limit switch, Motor Mounted Interlock overload device, posi-lock brake system, adjustable friction clutch, 24V control circuit; all integral electrical components pre-wired to terminal block for ease of field wiring, heavy duty V-belt intermediate drive, #50 roller chain and sprocket final drive, floor level disconnect for emergency hand chain operation. UL listed operator. Controller and push-button station or key switch in NEMA 1 enclosure.
  3. CG 2000 motor system. Optional release System Furnish Manual Release System with motor operated grilles. Actuation of the pull handle, after unlocking grille, disengages the motor drive and causes grille to open partially. Release of handle automatically returns to grille to normal motor operation.


G. Provide for cylinder locks in bottom bar, locking at both jambs, operable mall side (tenant side) (both sides) (furnish with electric interlocks at guides if H operator is used). Provide cylinder locking device on public side and thumb turn on tenant side when used with MO operator and Manual Release System. Standard cylinders may be replaced with masterkeyed cylinders (by others) if required. Consult factory for alternate locking situations.

2.03 Finishes Also available Exposed ferrous surfaces to be primed.


3.01 Installation 

A. Install rolling grilles in accordance with instructions. 

B. Installation shall be by authorized distributor or representative.

3.02 Quality Assurance 

A. Manufacturer shall supply a certificate stating that all materials and finishes will comply with the specifications.

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