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Counter Shutters – CGCS150


roll down shutter are used for pass thru windows, concession stands and ticket counters

CITY-GATES Counter Shutters are the most practical for all pass-thru openings: cafeteria counters, ticket windows, reception desks; they can also be used as full-height room and closet closures. Shutters are compact and operate effortlessly. Trim and attractive, they are manufactured in aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel.




GENERAL – Furnish City-Gates counter shutter(s) as manufactured by CITY- GATES. Material and workmanship to be guaranteed for one year.

OPERATION -Push-up operation for shutters up to 14 ft. wide; shutters 14 ft. wide and over to be operated.

CURTAIN -Interlocking roll-formed slats of (galvanized steel) (stainless steel) (aluminum). #22 Gauge Matching single angle bottom bar fitted with slide bolts and vinyl astragal.

COUNTERBALANCE ASSEMBLY -Helical torsion springs with a 25% safety factor, mounted on a continuous torsion rod, and housed in a steel pipe shaft. Shaft to rotate in sealed ball bearings, supported by steel brackets.

GUIDES -Extruded aluminum of 6063 alloy, fitted with pile stripping both sides. Shutters over 14 ft. wide to have curtain retainers, optional 12 gauge guides (galvanized steel) (stainless steel).

HOOD -Minimum #24 Ga. (galvanized steel) (stainless steel). 
FINISH -Ferrous surfaces and galvanized steel slats with prime coat. Exposed stainless steel in 2B mill finish.

OPTIONS AVAILABLE MOTOR OPERATION -Motor operator to be furnished with friction clutch, emergency push-up operation, limit switch, 3-button station.

PERFORATED SLATS -Provide perforated slats for vision and ventilation where indicated, with 4″ x 5/8″ cut-outs.

MULLIONS – Mullions to be of the (fixed) (removable) type, for openings over 20 ft. wide.

KEY LOCKS – Furnish (key-in-knob lock) (mortise cylinder lock).

FINISH -Aluminum to be Duranodic bronze. Stainless steel to be #4 satin finish.

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