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Commercial Grille Doors – CG516


Our basis roll down gate available in straigt or brick pattern for all applications where visiblty is required


GENERAL – Furnish rolling economy grille doors as manufactured by City Gates grille doors are designed for easy operation and long life use with minimum maintenance required. Grille doors are mostly used on store fronts, shops in malls, and on entrances having an open appearance (window shopping, drive-ins, concessions and many other locations).


CURTAIN – CG516 or CG580 curtain construction will consist of aluminum vertical links with PVC spacers to form a Straight or Brick pattern. The standard colors for the sleeves are brown, black, grey, green and gold. The CG516 will have 5/16″ galvanized steel rods or tubes that are spaced 2″ o.c. and the CG580 will have 5/8″ galvanized steel rods, both are covered with PVC tubular spacers.


BRACKET PLATES – Carry pipe counterbalancing shafts are made from steel plating not less than 3/16″ thick. The drive end bracket plate is to be fitted with a sealed ball bearing. Plates are to house ends of each grille coil. 
BOTTOM BAR -CG516 or CG580 will have a galvanized steel bottom section or can be constructed from double aluminum angle iron.


GUIDES – CG516 or CG580 guides are roll formed 13 gauge steel with return lip to prevent the grille curtain from leaving the guide rails. Mounting angles are constructed from 3/16″ steel. This item is US Patented.


COUNTERBALANCE ASSEMBLY – to consist of tempered helical torsion springs with a 25% safety factor, mounted on shaped cast anchors, supported by a continuous solid torsion rod. This mechanism to be permanently lubricated and enclosed within a steel pipe shall. Deflection of shall not to exceed .03″ per lin. in. The spring tension adjusting wheel is to be readily accessible from outside the bracket plate.


SPRING COUNTERBALANCE – Option for band type springs for smaller doors shall consist of flat blue steel wrapped around a 2″ or 3″ pipe shall and mounted into a galvanized steel spring box.


HOOD HEXAGON (OPTIONAL: SQUARE OR ROUND) – #24 ga. steel. Formed to fit contour of brackets. 3/8″ thick intermediate supports as required to prevent excessive sag.


OPERATION – Push-up, hand chain, hand-crank, or motor operation (for optional features see Motor Operators Section in this catalog).


LOCKING – Provide door with hasp and pins. Locking with padlocks from the coil side. Padlocks by others. (Slidebolts – Optional).


FASCIA GALVANIZED (OPTION) – To be provided where areas behind the hood are open (especially applicable to pre-engineered buildings).


FINISH (OPTION) – Steel surfaces to be shop painted with a coat of rust-inhibiting primer. Aluminum mill finished in 24R clear anodized (duranodic). Stainless steel finish to be #28, #4. Call for color options and finish.


Guides are located on each side of the door forming guide channels for the end of the slats. Guides are fabricated from structural steel angles and are especially adaptable for doors exposed to heavy wind pressure. Designed with groove depths varying from 2 to 6 inches, depending on the width of the door, and packed out from the face of the wall in order to accommodate specially designed throat of the bracket.

(A) – Formed steel angles are welded or bolted together for quick access to slots for easy replacement. 
(B) – Top view of our grille with end locks inside the guide. This grille cannot come out of its guide. An exclusive with City-Gates – the most secure grille in the industry. 
(C) – Extra large, heavy duty, roll formed steel guides with double tracks are standard in all City-Gates store front gates and grilles. This feature is ours exclusively. 
(D) – This is a profile of our End Lock Guard with Hasp Pin. This system provides maximum security and strength, whereas in ordinary hasping and burning for the provision of locking system, in time corrosion sets in, with a resultant loss of durability and protection.

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