CITY SCREEN Perforated Door

This micro perforated model allow security and ventilation for parking facilities and retail stores



WORK EXCLUDED – Preparation of openings, structural supports unless specified (refer to option below), removable soffits or access panels, trim, field painting. On motor operated doors, exclude wire, wiring, or disconnect switches.


OPERATION – to be (Push-up, with handles) (chain and reduction gears; maximum pull of 35 lbs.) (Chain Hoist with reduction gears and removable arm) (Motor – refer to options below).


CURTAIN – The curtain is constructed from 22 gauge G-60/G-90 galvanized steel or a baked-on polyester coat in grey, beige, or white. Other colors, gauges and material (stainless steel/aluminum) are available – please consult factory .The curtain features .062 diameter openings on .094 staggered centers allowing air and light to pass through without sacrificing security.


COUNTERBALANCE ASSEMBLY – to consist of tempered helical torsion springs with a 25% safety factor, mounted on shaped cast anchors, supported by a continuous solid torsion rod. This mechanism to be permanently lubricated and enclosed within a steel pipe shaft. Deflection of shaft not to exceed .03″ per ln. ft. The spring tension adjusting wheel is to be readily accessible from outside the bracket plate.


SPRING COUNTERBALANCE – Option for band type springs for smaller doors shall consist of flat blue steel wrapped around a 2″ or 3″ pipe shaft and mounted into a galvanized steel spring box.


BRACKETS – to be not less than 1/4″ thick steel plate, to contain sealed self-aligning ball bearings for suspension of the counterbalance assembly. Gears to be high grade iron, cast from machine-cut patterns. 
GUIDES -to be of extruded aluminum with retainers for end links. To be fitted with wool pile inserts to eliminate metal-to-metal contact.


HOODS – to be of (aluminum) (galvanized steel) (stainless steel), minimum #24 Gauge, stiffened top and bottom. Omit if coil to be above ceiling.


LOCKING PROVISION FOR PADLOCKS – to be (slide bolts on push-up grilles) (chain holder on chain grilles) (slide bolts on grilles) (self-locking gearing on motor grills). 
FINISH -on (aluminum) (stainless steel) to be mill finish. Steel surfaces to be one shop coat of metal primer except on galvanized surfaces.


STRUCTURAL STEEL TUBE SUPPORTS – In standard type weight with floor seats to be furnished by grille mfr., sized as required, pre-drilled for guides and brackets.

MOTOR OPERATORS – to be integral assemblies with Nema rated electrical components, Model (MO) (H), consisting of high torque motor, braking system, self-locking gearing, (Model MO gear reducer with worm gears in oil bath) (Model H chain sprocket gearing) emergency chain operator with disconnect and electrical safely interlock, internal reversing magnetic controller, pushbutton station with open-close-stop, internal pre-wiring. Motor to be removable without affecting chain operation or limit switch setting.

SPECIAL ELECTRICAL CONTROLS – to include (flush-mounted key switches) (additional push-button stations) (weatherproof switches).

SAFETY EDGE BOTTOM BARS – to be furnished on motor operated, which, upon contact with an object, is to stop (or reverse) the downward travel.

REMOVABLE SOFFITS – (for coils above hung ceilings) to be supplied, if indicated to be by grille manufacturer, in (galvanized steel) (aluminum) (stainless steel).

MORTISE CYLINDER LOCK – to be provided, engaging at both ends (concealed within bottom bar) (curtain type waist-high or as otherwise indicated) (operable one side) (operable both sides).

FINISH – on aluminum (curtain) (bottom bar) (guides) to be (clear anodized) (Duranodic bronze). On stainless steel (curtain) (bottom bar) to be #4 satin finish. (Hood, where required, to match).

EMERGENCY-OPEN RELEASE – to be provided for flush mounting. Activating handle will cause grille to open for emergency egress.

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