Commercial Grille Doors – MM10 MM10 Premium

This architectural grille uses premium clear aluminum components for exit and pedestrian walkways


ROLLING DOORS – As manufactured by the City Gates Mfg. Corp., College Point, N.Y. shall be of service type and operated by means of either manual push-up, endless chain or motor.

CURTAIN – MM10 curtain construction will consist of a Straight 9″ pattern with all exposed material to be aluminum. Continuous 5/16″ horizontal rods spaced 2″ o.c. are to be covered with tubular spacers to form a straight pattern. Continuous end links are designed to prevent the curtain from leaving the side guide rails.

BRACKET PLATES – Carry pipe counterbalancing shafts are made from steel plating not less than 3/16″ thick. The drive end bracket plate is to be filled with a sealed ball bearing. Plates are to house ends of each grille coil.

BOTTOM BAR – MM10 will have an aluminum extruded tubular section or can be constructed from double aluminum angle iron.

GUIDES – MM10 guides are extruded aluminum that are filled with a plastic insert and wool pile to prevent steel to steel contact and reduce noise. They are attached with 3/8″ bolts 30″ o.c.

COUNTERBALANCE ASSEMBLY – to consist of tempered helical torsion springs with a 25% safety factor, mounted on shaped cast anchors, supported by a continuous solid torsion rod. This mechanism to be permanently lubricated and enclosed within a steel pipe shaft. Deflection of shaft not to exceed .03″ per lin. in. The spring tension adjusting wheel is to be readily accessible from outside the bracket plate.

SPRING COUNTERBALANCE – Option for band type springs for smaller doors shall consist of flat blue steel wrapped around a 2″ or 3″ pipe shaft and mounted into a galvanized steel spring box.

HOOD GALVANIZED (OPTIONAL: SQUARE, HEXAGON OR ROUND) – #24 ga. steel. Formed to fit contour of brackets. 3/8″ thick intermediate supports as required to prevent excessive sag. Optional phosphate or baked painted enamel.

OPERATION – Push-up, lift handles on bottom bar, removable awning-type crank, or motor operation: UL listed operator.

Options (see Motors Section) include: open drip-proof motor (removable without getting auxiliary hand chain or setting of limit switches); gear reducer (gears running in oil bath); auxiliary hand chain operator interlocked; UL listed thermal overload protection; electric brake and rotary limit switches; transformer with 24-volt control secondary; all integral electrical components pre-wired to terminal block removable electrical control panel; push-button station in NEMA1 enclosure.

LOCKING – Equip doors for locking by padlock from coil side. Padlocks by others. Slidelocks, pin-locks and cylinder locks optional.

FINISH – Steel surfaces to be shop painted with a coat of rust-inhibiting primer. Aluminum mill finished in 24R clear anodized (duranodic). Stainless steel finish to be #2B, #4. Call for color options and finish.


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