Commercial Hollow Metal Doors- Model CGCDFH

Our basic hollow metal door, frame and hardware door available with 3 hour fire rating


All CGCDFH doors come with frame, commercial door closer, lever handle, dead bolt with key outside and thumb turn inside.


  • Door face sheets (A40 galv., stainless steel or G90 galvanized)
  • Door core: Honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane or steel stiffened 
  • 10 gauge high frequency dual purpose hinge reinforcement with return bend for added strength and rigidity. Hinge reinforcements can be easily field converted to accommodate heavy weight hinges. 7 gauge hinge reinforcements are optional.
  • 18 gauge inverted top channel projection welded to the door skins and tack weld at each corner for added rigidity. Vinyl cap at top; or metal cap at top (flush and water-tight) are optional
  • 18 gauge door closer reinforcement – box style
  • 18 gauge inverted bottom channel projection welded to the door skins and tack weld at each corner for added rigidity. Metal cap at bottom (flush and water-tight) is optional

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