CITY-GATES CGDADE Hurricane Roll Up Door

Our high stress hurricane and tropical storm roll down gate up to 25 feet wide x 15 high

Product Features CGDADE County High Stress Doors

Since 1955 CITY-GATES has designed, fabricated, installed and serviced overhead coiling doors. When our customers asked us to provide them with high wind/ high stress doors our engineers designed our CGDADE doors. Our CGDADE doors are designed to withstand wind loads in excess of +/- 80 psf and are designed according to Dade County Approval for up to 170MPH winds.

  • Curtain constructed from interlocking slats conforming to ASTM A-653 hot dipped 20 gauge galvanized steel 3” high x .75 deep slats designed to withstand 60 pounds per square foot, with cast iron end locks attached with FOUR steel rivets & wind locks cast iron attached with FOUR steel rivets
  • Bottom bar shall be constructed from two 2 x 2 x 1/8 steel angles mechanically joined together
  • Guides meet Miami Dade County Florida specifications shall consist of 3” x 3/16 angle irons bolted together with 3/8” fasteners spaced 14” on center to form a channel for the curtain to travel, bolted to 2 x 2 pre-punched mounting angles
  • Brackets shall be constructed from 3/16 steel bolted to the wall angle
  • Counter Balanced torsion spring system designed for 25 cycles a day and a life of 50,000 cycles
  • Hood shall be fabricated from 24 gauge galvanized steel and shall be formed to fit the bracket
  • Standard hasp/pin locking device
  • Finish shop coat gray, black or brown on guides, brackets and hood
  • Door meets ASTM A-36, A-123 & E 84

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