CGVSD Vertical Sliding Door

solid sliding gate moves in one section on top track for parking area or retail space


City Gates Vertical Sliding Doors are constructed of standard elements, wich solves almost all closure problems in the commercial (warehouse), industrial (shops) as well as civil (stalls for trailers) sectors. It is the only gate now existing which can be used as a lateral panel closure, whether straight or curved. There are no difficulties to prevent the application of these all-purpose vertical sliding doors.

When the total area (L x H) becomes excessive, (more than 14 square meters (150.64 sq. ft.) per panel), the panels can be subdivided and joined together with additional framing. The gates are supplied totally zinc plated, but they can be furnished in polished steel upon request. Anyone can install the City Gates Vertical Sliding Door because it is shipped already preassembled: it is merely inserted in the upper guide, installed beforehand in the masonry, and the gate is operational. Only City Gates All-Purpose Vertical Sliding Doors are guaranteed for operation and safety.


  1. Hanger anchoring the upper guide
  2. High strength support guide made of steel shape
  3. Steel alignment roller
  4. Sealing flange: limits heat losses
  5. Base element made of high resistance steel
  6. Lower guide roller made of special steel
  7. High resistance lower guide channel with holes
    for water run-off

With 1 or 2 panels
– Structure made of suitable steel shapes
– Operation by simple presssure
– Top suspension with double ball bearings and side alignment rollers
– Recessed lower guide permits vehicular traffic
– Bearing upper guide
– Yale type locks
– Brass handle
– Side gate stops
– Masonry hangers and all normal accesories.

If the gates are electronically operated, the drive can be easily disconnected for normal hand operation in the event of a power failure. A unique safety device is incorporated in the drive unit, wich automatically stops the doors if they meet an obstruction or object left in the opening. An added feature being that the door will automatically stop when the bottom track collects sufficient refuse, litter, etc., to form an obstruction thus bringing to notice the necessity to clean
out the track before any damage is caused.

Floor tracks are supplied to suit requirements. Simple channel for small opening and
for openings such as loading docks over which no vehicles pass. Heavy duty double
channel for heavy traffic with cleaning sumps if required.

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