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7% Off Commercial Iron Works NYC

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7% Off Commercial Iron Works NYC

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7% off any Service

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April 2023

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City Gate

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Doors, Fire Rated, Labeled doors, Coiling grilles, counter shutters, Gates

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City-Gates has been providing commercial doors and gates services for over 30 years, and they are one of the leading suppliers in the field.
One of the most critical aspects of their work is fire-rated labeled doors. These protect against fire, smoke, and toxic gasses from entering or exiting a building in case of a fire. Coiling grilles are another key service to keep unwanted visitors out while allowing airflow in and out of a building. Counter shutters are used to protect windows from breakage and intrusion by intruders. Lastly, Gates are used to enclosing property or restrict access to certain areas within a property.

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Ironworks, Business

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